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13ú Bealtaine 2010

Felix's Dorans pipes back together after 42 years

12ú Iúil 2008

Link to Carmel Gunning's site Carmel Gunning

4ú Iúil 2008

The Irish Madonna and Gyor Festival



I am heading off to Hungary on Friday week to play at a festival in Gyor, Hungary.
Kerry based Conductor, Bobby Houlihan, will also be flying over to Conduct Orchestra
at the concert.


Just researching events from this side of Europe beforehand etc.


There is a fascinating story of the "The Irish Madonna" associated with the parish
of Clonfert in Galway and Gyor in Hungary and this upcoming Hungarian Irish Festival
surrounds it

The Irish Madonna In Hungary

by Mgr Louis Page

In a side chapel of the cathedral of the Diocese of Gyšr, in the city of Gyšr, in Hungary, is a beautiful picture of our Blessed Lady and Child, which the people of that country call The Irish Madonna, and which they venerate under the title of Comforter of the Afflicted. It is there since the seventeenth century, and was once the cherished possession of an Irish bishop, Dr. Walter Lynch, who was bishop of the diocese of Clonfert from the year 1647 to his death, in exile, in Gyšr on the 14th July, 1663.

Who was this bishop Walter Lynch and how did he happen to die there so far away from his diocese in Ireland?

While there is no precise recorded knowledge as regards the date of his birth or of his family, it is accepted that he belonged to an important Galway family of Norman descent, and that he was born in the early part of the 17th century, in the city of Galway. He received his early education in Galway and then, because it was not possible in those days in Ireland, he had to go to the continent of Europe to train for the priesthood, where in due course he was ordained a priest. He returned to Galway and took up his priestly duties in his native city. At that time there was no diocese of Galway. Instead there was in the city what was known as the Wardenship of Galway, centred on the Collegiate church of St. Nicholas to which a number of neighbouring parishes were attached. The principal priest was known as the Warden. In due course Dr. Walter Lynch was appointed Warden. On the diocese of Clonfert becoming vacant, following the transfer of Bishop John Burke to the Archdiocese of Tuam, Walter Lynch was appointed bishop of Clonfert in March 1647.

It was a very disturbed and difficult time in Ireland in those days. A state of war was in existence since the Rising of 1641, when the Catholics began their attempt to gain religious freedom and to try to win back the lands taken from them in the plantations of the previous years.

At this time the struggle was being carried on by the forces under the direction of the Catholic Confederation formed earlier in Kilkenny. Bishop Lynch soon became involved and took an important part in the deliberations of the Kilkenny Confederation. He appears to have been highly esteemed among that body. However, owing to disunity and divisions within the Confederation, and the arrival of Oliver Cromwell with an army of 20,000 men, and the untimely death of Owen Roe OÕNeill, the ablest leader of the Confederate forces, the Catholic cause began to fail and eventually collapsed. Bishop Lynch was forced to leave his diocese and took refuge in Galway City. After a fruitless resistance, Galway had to surrender to the Cromwellian army. Meanwhile, to avoid capture, Bishop Lynch had left Galway and made his way to Innisbofin, from where he eventually succeeded in getting away on a ship to the Continent of Europe, and eventually found asylum in Belgium.

It is not known how long he stayed in Belgium, but it is on record that during his time there, he ordained a number of his fellow countrymen in the priesthood.

Little else is known about his movements or how long he remained in Belgium, but in 1655 he had come to Vienna. It was here that he met a Hungarian bishop, who was to befriend and invite him to come to his diocese. This was Bishop John Pusky, Bishop of Gyšr. On his coming to Gyšr, Bishop Pusky appointed Dr. Lynch a canon of his Cathedral Chapter, and also had him assist in the work of his diocese.

Meanwhile conditions had begun to improve for Catholics at home in Ireland. Cromwell died and the king, Charles II was back on the throne in England. There was some relaxation of the laws against Catholics, so that Bishop Lynch decided to return and resume his diocese. Sadly, however, he was destined never to see his native land again. As he was preparing to set out on his journey home to Ireland, he died unexpectedly on the 14th July 1663, in the city of Gyšr, which had given him welcome and hospitality in his exile, and there his body now lies. Amongst the few personal possessions of Dr. Lynch at the time of his death was a beautiful painting of the Madonna and Child. He is said to have had a great love and devotion for this picture. After his death the picture was placed over a side altar in a side chapel in the Cathedral. It is still in the same place today but now in a beautiful shrine richly adorned. It would, probably, have remained there without receiving much notice or honour, were it not for a very wonderful occurrence there on St. Patrick's Day, thirty-four years later. What happened on that day was to gain for the picture nationwide attention and make it a source of great devotion to Mary, Comforter of the Afflicted and its shrine a place of pilgrimage ever since. This is what is believed to have happened. Early on the morning of the 17th March 1697, as Mass was being offered in the Cathedral, what appeared to be a sweat of blood or of tears was noticed on the picture. Naturally this caused great excitement and a feeling of awe among the people who were present.

To examine the picture more closely, to see whether it was real or imaginary, it was taken down, and according to the recorded testimony of some of those who witnessed the event and who examined the picture at close range, there was a liquid substance like sweat or tears and the colour of blood on the picture. A linen cloth was used to dry the liquid which, it is recorded, continued to appear for about two hours. The cloth used to dry the liquid is preserved in a silver and glass casket in the Cathedral, where one can see it to this day. A discolouration on the linen cloth does appear like a bloodstain. An inscription on the casket reads: ÒThis is the true cloth which was used to dry the blood, which this picture shed in this church on St. PatrickÕs Day, 1697.Ó

Following this strange and seemingly miraculous event, devotion to the Irish Madonna, as it came to be called, grew greatly. A special shrine was made and adorned for the picture. It was only then, since now it had become a much-honoured shrine, that the crowns were added to the heads of each of the figures. The centenary of the occurrence was celebrated in 1797, and the second centenary in 1897, and in 1947 the 250th anniversary was celebrated, when it is estimated 100,000 pilgrims visited the shrine. If one accepts as real and true what is recorded to have occurred in Gyšr Cathedral on St Patricks Day, 1697, one might well ask why such a thing should happen, or wonder was it a sign from heaven. God alone knows. There is, however, a strange and significant fact that would incline one to think that it was a sign from God. The fact is that on that very day and date, the Protestant Parliament, then in power in Ireland, convened in Dublin and began to introduce and pass the most iniquitous laws, known as the Penal Laws, which were designed to put an end to the practice of the Catholic religion in Ireland and deprive the Catholic people of all their civil rights. Was it, then, a sign of our Blessed LadyÕs concern and sorrow for the people of Ireland who were to suffer so much during the years that were to follow. Who knows? All we can do is wonder why such a thing should happen, and thank God and Its Blessed Mother that, in spite of all they had to endure, they survived and remained true to their faith.

The people of Hungary, too, have had to suffer for their faith in later and in more recent times, and they, too, have remained faithful. Devotion to Mary, the Mother of God, is a notable feature of both our nations. May they and we continue in our devotion to Mary, and may her shrine in Gyšr continue to remind us, how an exiled Irish bishop found welcome and hospitality in a foreign land in those far off unhappy days.







JULY 11TH TO 13TH, 2008

Enterprise Ireland in association with the Győr-Moson-Sopron Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Enterprise Europe Network, is organising a Business Seminar:

Best Practise from Ireland and Opportunities for Investment in Győr

on Friday July 11th, 2008 at 10am

at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce, Szent Istvan út 10/A, Győr

The seminar coincides with an Irish cultural festival in Győr to be held on the weekend of July 12th and 13th (further information below).

 The seminar programme includes presentations and a plant visit to Audi:

09.00   Registration   
09.30   Formal welcome 
His Excellency Mr. Martin Greene, Ambassador of the Republic of Ireland &
Mr. Zsolt Borkai, Mayor of Győr

09.50   Ireland’s experience in economic transformation

        David Butler, Enterprise Ireland Director for Hungary  
10.20   Irish investment in Hungary     Mark Downey, President Irish-Hungarian Business Circle

Győr as a centre for the automotive industry    Péter Tamás Szilasi, Managing Director, JRET (Knowledge Centre for Vehicle Industry, Széchenyi István University, Győr

11.30   Buffet lunch           
12.30   Depart for Audi Hungária Motor Kft.

13.00-14.30     Visit to Audi Hungária Motor Kft.

        One of the most important suppliers of engines for Audi and the Volkswagen Group.  The Hungarian subsidiary produces four-cylinder, V6 and V8 engines and, in cooperation with the Ingolstadt plant, assembles the TT Coupé, the TT Roadster and cabrio A3.    

Attendance is free. 

To register for the event, please contact Katarina Szabova at Enterprise Ireland before Friday 27th June 2008.  Email: katarina.szabova@enterprise-ireland.com tel: +36-1-301-4950.



In the framework of the annual European cultural program "Dialogue between Cultures" the Győr mayor's office is organizing an Irish Festival in Győr.

At a press conference, Deputy Mayor Rudolf Ottofi said that the aim of the festival is to revitalize the 300 year old cultural-religious connection between Ireland and Hungary.  The leader of the city said that the Irish-origin devotional painting of the Virgin Mary exhibited in the Győr Basilica represents the closest link between the two countries. Bishop Walter Lynch carried the painting from Ireland to Hungary in the middle of 17th century. The Bishop died in Győr on 14th June, 1663. According to legend the picture carried by him to the basilica started bleeding tears on 17th March 1697, on St Patrick's Day.

This summer festival is linked to the day of his death and the festival is connected to his name.

This cultural program offers opportunity to build connection between Irish and Hungarian educational, artistic and religious institutions; there will also be a choir festival and exhibitions.  A group of pilgrims from Ireland will attend.

Among the cultural events being organized are:

    • Irish- Hungarian folk art concerts;
    • folk dance shows;
    • a photo exhibition on the history of the icon;
    • an exhibition on the remains of the Celtic civilization;
    • there are also plans to make a documentary film on the religious connection and a book on the 300 year old historical link.


During the festival there will also be a festive mass in the Győr Basilica.

Irish-Hungarian Cultural Festival


Friday 11th July 2008

10:00-13:00     Best Practice of Ireland – Secret of Irish success

Conference organised by Győr-Moson-Sopron County Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Enterprise Ireland, supported by Enterprise Europe Network and Győr County Level City Government.

Venue:          Győr-Moson-Sopron County Chamber of Commerce, Baross room


13:00   Showing of documentary film on the cult of the Basilika’s Irish religious painting „Weeping Madonna”

Venue:          Győr-Moson-Sopron County Chamber of Commerce, Baross room


19:00           Official Opening Ceremony: 

The Basilika Palesztrina Chorus, conducted by Tibor Katona

Eszter Balogh & Rita Czeiner - vocals

László Cziglényi - organ

Zsuzsa Lavik, László Tóth - violin

Venue:          Győr Basilika


20:00   Concert of Márta Sebestyén „Nyitva látám mennyeknek kapuját…istenes és ilági énekek”

Márta Sebestyén – Bolya–Dongó (trio)

Márta Sebestyén – vocals, flute, tambourine
Balázs Dongó Szokolay – bagpipe, flutes, saxophone
Mátyás Bolya – lute, zithern

Venue:          Győr Basilika

Saturday 12th July 2008


10:00           Fair & Childrens’ Programme

Venue:          Győr, Széchenyi square


17:00           Bokréta Szanyi Dancing Group („magyar verbunkos”)

Venue:          Győr, Széchenyi square


20:00   Rajkó Folk Music Ensemble „Őslüktetés” – „Ancient Pulsing” ’90 min show”

Venue:          Győr, Széchenyi square


Sunday 13th July 2008

10:00           Fair & Childrens’ Programme

Venue:          Győr, Széchenyi square

10:00           High Mass

Venue:          Győr Basilika

11:00           TransFolk Ensemble

Venue:          Győr, Széchenyi square

19:00           Concert & Dance & Irish Music by the Bran Ensemble

Venue:          Győr, Széchenyi square


19:30   Hungarian-Irish concert by the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra and Neil Mulligan, Irish Piper, conducted by Robert Houlihan

Venue:          Richter Hall, Győr, Aradi vértanúk tere 16.


High Patrons:   Mr. László Sólyom, President of Hungary

Mrs. Mary McAleese, President of Ireland

Patrons:        His Excellency  Mr. Ferenc Jári, Ambassador of the Republic of Hungary

His Excellency Mr. Martin Greene, Ambassador of the Republic of Ireland


14ú Bealtaine 2008
Telephone: +353 (0)71 964 1213

Email: nancywoods@iol.ie

Website: http://www.joemooneysummerschool.com/

Address: Drumshanbo, Co Leitrim, Republic of Ireland


20ú Mi Eanáir 2008

Fiddle and Bow lost - December 2007

Above is photo of Fiachra's missing fiddle and bow, a distinctive and unique black fiddle with ornate purfling and animal's head, which was left behind in a black case  at a bus stop on Mobhi Rad in December 2007. The bow is a black cromite bow. A reward is offered leading to it's return.

3ú Mi Na Nollag 2007

Dublin Camogie Player of the Year

2ú Mi Na Nollag 2007

Geantraí From The Cobblestone

Click on Ceol Cartlann

and then Programme dated 25/11/2007


26ú D Fomhair 2007

Clip from The Pure Drop TV programme in 1987:


Go to http://www.tg4.tv/

Click on Ceol Cartlann and then Siar an Bóthar - 3/10/07

It's about 20 minutes in.

International Bagpipe Festival, Estonia 2007

 link to photos of Bagpipe festival   http://www.flickr.com/photos/minamina/sets/72157601275318082/


19ú M Fomhair 2007

Orange Blossom Special - Estonia

New family photos

30ú Meitheaamh 2007

The Story of Easter Week. 1916


Participants accounts of the Easter Rising 
from the RTE Libraries and Archives.

Produced and presented by Peter Woods
incorporating Pronsias Mac Aonghusa's original narrative

Featured Music: The Foggy Dew Traditional Arr. Performed by 
Néillidh Mulligan


Track Listing
Disc One: 
1) Michael Coleman - Reels: The Boys of the Lough - The Devils of Dublin 
2) Deirdre Collins - Reels: The Leitrim Litter - The Chattering Magpie - Ronnie Cooper 
3) Martin Wynne & James O'Bierne - Reel: Reevy Johnstone 
4) Owenmore Ceili Band - Jigs: Coolalta Jig - Innisfree Jig 
5) Tommy Guigan - Reels: Creamers - The Longford Tinker 
6) Fred Finn, Peter Horan & Oliver Killoran - Reel: The Laurel Tree 
7) Neil Mulligan - Reels: Drunken Landlady - The Leitrim Thrush 
8) Una Devlin - Reels: Colonel Frazer - Love At the Endings 
9) Michael Hurley & Ollie Ross - Reels: The Pullet - The Old Bush - Tommy Coen's 
10) Coleman Society Musicians - Jigs: Strike the Gay Harp - The Shores of Lough Gowna 
11) Seamus Duffy - Song: Michael Davitt 
12) Michael Gorman & Margaret Barry - Reel: Mountain Road 
13) John Regan - Jigs: Billy McCormacy - The Ship In Full Sail 
14) Padraig Kerins - Reels: Sean Ryan's - Farrewell to Erin 
15) Shane Mitchell & Lian Kelly - Reels: Jim Coleman's Set 
16) Seamus O'Dowd - Reels 
17) Noel McTeirnan - Reels: Joe Cooley's - The Sligo Maid 
18) Kincora Ceili Band - Jigs: The Carriganat - Freenan's 
19) Therese Cully - Ollie Ross - Reel 
20) John McEvoy & Felix Dolan - Reels: THe Maid I Ne'er Forgot - The Jug of Punch 
21) Seamus Tansy - Reel: The Liffy Banks 
22) Paddy Killoran - Reels: Last Night's Fum - Martin Wynne's Disc Two: 
1) James Morrison - Reels: Irish Girl - The Musical Priest - Lord Wellington 
2) Finn, Horan & Killoran - Reel: The Blackthorn Stick 
3) Catherine McEvoy - Reels: Highest Hill in Sligo - Mama's Pet 
4) Andy Davey, Seamus Tansy & Tommy Toolan - Jigs: Willie Coleman's - Brendan Tone
Rowe's No.2 
5) Deirdre Collis - Jigs: Over the Bridge - Paddy Fahy's - The Steeplechase 
6) Bofield Ceili Band - Jigs: Humours of Ennistymon - Burke's - Redican's 
7) Jim Donaghue - Reel: The Haymaker's Reel 
8) Matt Molloy - Jig: The Gold Ring 
9) Paddy McDonnagh - Reel: Never Was Piping So Gay 
10) Dervish - Song: An Spalpin Fanach 
11) Michael Gorman & Mick Flynn - Reels: Miss McLeod's - The Duke of Leinster 
12) Tommy Diegnan - Reels 
13) John Wynne - Hornpipe: Jim Coleman's 
14) Martin Wynne & James O'Bierne - Reels: Phillip Beirne's Delight 
15) Aidan Duffy - Jigs 
16) Neil Mulligan & Seamus Tansy - Air & Poem: Caitriona Rua - Poem 
17) John & Peter Duffy - Hornpipes 
18) Paddy Sweeney & Seamus Horan - Reels: The Wind That Shakes the Barley - The
Sligo Maid - The Foxhunter 
19) Harry McGowan: The Man In the Bog - Liz Doherty's - The Flying Wheelchair 
20) Orla Healey - Jigs 
21) Joe Byrne & Anne Conboy - Air & Reels: A Week In January - The Rainy Day - The
Rossport Reel 
22) Owenmore Ceili Band - Reels: Boyne Hunt - Come West Along the Road 
23) Michael Coleman - Reels: Bonnie Kate - Jenny's Chickens
Neillidh O Maolagain



18ú Meitheaamh 2007

Brian Rooney Benefit Concert 

Line up for this concert confirmed so far: 
Ben Lennon,Eleanor Shanley, Charlie McGettigan, Mary McPartlan, Gregory Daly, Jesse
Smith, John Blake, Kevin Loughlin, Rosie Stewart, Neilidh Mulligan, Pat & Frank
Fox,The O’Brien family, Louise Horan & friends,Jim Connolly, Kathleen Meehan,Kevin
O’Brien, Dave Sheridan, John McCartin, Sean Ward & Mick Mulvey, Paddy Hayes, John
Carty, Francis Gaffney and many more 
Venue: Manorhamilton Community Hall, Manorhamilton, Co Leitrim 
Friday 29th June 8pm 
Tickets on door:€10 or donations in advance to


6ú Meitheaamh 2007

Family Photos

29ú Bealtaine 2007

On the 31st of May, the RTE radio programme "The Eleventh Hour", introduced by Páraic Breathnach, will focus on the two recently published books on Séamus Ennis - Pat Mitchell's The Dance Music of Séamus Ennis and Ríonach Uí Ógáin's Mise an Fear Cheoil.

The programme will include interviews with the two authors, and contributions from Seamus's son Chris Ennis, and from Neillidh Mulligan and Peter Browne, both of whom will also play the pipes.


28ú Bealtaine 2007


‘Ceol, Craic agus Comhrá’

featuring Kevin O’Brien & Friends

• Community Centre - 9pm


Flute - Catherine McEvoy

Fiddle - Laura Kerr & Jesse Smith

Sean Nós Dancing - Seosamh Ó Neachtain

Uilleann Pipes - Néillidh Mulligan

Singing - Mary McPartlan / Meaití Jó Sheamuis

Tin Whistle - Seán Ryan

• Community Centre - 11am


Flute: U-10, U-12, U-14, U-18

Tin Whistle: U-10, U-12, U-14, U-18

• Community Centre - 4.15pm


with Michael O’Brien & friends

• Community Centre - 5.00pm


St. Patrick’s Church Tarmon followed by

wreath laying ceremony at the

John McKenna monument


in conjuntion with


Street Entertainment including:

Samba Band

Street sessions

Céilí Dancing

• Main st., Drumkeeran - 3 to 5pm

(please note that the Main street will be closed to

traffic during Lá na nÓg)


‘The Tap Room Trio’

Jesse Smith

Harry Bradley

John Blake

• Community Centre - 9pm


A Feast of music featuring tutors, local

musicians and many more!

• Community Centre - 9pm


info@johnmckenna.ie 086 8569900





16ú Bealtaine 2007

Skerries Traditional Music weekend 18- 20th May 2007 Further details at: http://www.skerriestraditionalmusic.com/

20ú Aibreán 2007

Mohill O’Carolan Celebration  May Bank Holiday Weekend

On Wednesday, 11th of April Members of Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann, Maothail gathered with invited guests to launch the first Mohill O’Carolan Weekend at the beautiful grounds of Lough Rynn Castle Hotel which is to be the setting for the performance by The National Harp Orchestra directed by Dr. Janet Harbison. This concert will take place on Sunday 6th May at 3.00 p.m.

Chairperson of CCÉ, Maothail Councillor Enda Stenson welcomed the gathering and explained the background of the Mohill O’Carolan Weekend.

In 2006 CCÉ, Maothail had hosted Fleadh Cheoil Liatroma and as part of its opening ceremony had been delighted to present Dr. Janet Harbison and the National Harp Orchestra.  Such was the reception from the crowds and the media both local and national, that the branch as part of its programme for 2007 invited Dr. Harbison and her wonderful orchestra back to be part of the inaugural Mohill O’Carolan Weekend.  Councillor Stenson explained that Mohill has a long association with Turlough O’Carolan, the blind harpist, reputed to be the first great Irish composer.

 It is most fitting that the branch should celebrate and commemorate a musician with local connections  O’Carolan’s only permanent home being but a few miles from the town on land given to him by his patrons the Crofton family of Lakefield House Gortletteragh.  A project such as the ‘Mohill O’Carolan Weekend’ will allow locals and those who travel from afar the opportunity to hear some of the work of O’Carolan which has survived and has been celebrated and enjoyed for over two hundred years.

Nancy Woods, County Secretary of Comhaltas and former Leitrim Person of the Year spoke of “a dream come true” as CCÉ, Maothail prepare to welcome Dr. Janet Harbison and the National Harp Orchestra to Mohill this May bank holiday weekend.  “When Comhaltas was founded back in 1951 one of its primary objectives was to preserve, and to keep alive the great Irish tradition of the harp and the uillean pipes and here in Mohill we are doing just that with the bringing together of the National Harp Orchestra and the renowned uillean piper with Leitrim connections Neillidh Mulligan. It is a great honour and indeed a great privilege to be associated with the Mohill O’Carolan Weekend,” Ms.Woods added. It was also revealed at the launch that Dr Harbison, Director of the National Harp Orchestra is composing a piece of music dedicated to the memory of one of Leitrim’s and Ireland’s greatest writers- John McGahern which will be performed for the first time at the concert

Mohill is the place to be on May 5th –May 6th.


The weekend starts on Saturday afternoon with workshops being given in the Vocational School, Mohill from 10.00a.m. – 1.00p.m.


·       Harp with Dr. Janet Harbison,

·       Uillean pipes with Neillidh Mulligan

·       Flute with Ryan Murphy (National Harp Orchestra)

·       Tin whistle with Mossie Martin

·       Singing with Fionnuala Maxwell

·       Parents are encouraged to bring along their children to experiment with baby harps (kindly provided by Dr Harbison) with the view to cultivate further interest in harp music.


Traditional sessions will be held in the various pubs throughout the town later that night and throughout the weekend.  Sunday afternoon at three o clock sharp on the lawns of Lough Rynn Castle Hotel an open air concert will be held. Artists featuring will include the National Harp Orchestra, Neillidh Mulligan one of Ireland’s finest and most distinguished uilleann pipers, the Tracy O Neill School of Dancing who have travelled throughout Ireland, England and America, the Aughnasheelin 2006 Scor All Ireland Ballad Singers,

Sean Ward, Joe Mc Govern and friends and members of the Mohill Singers Club.

          CCÉ, Maothail believe that this will be a weekend of wonderful music, song and craic framed against the beautiful backdrop of Lough Rynn Castle Hotel with its elegant fairways, copses, nature trails and lakesides walks. Mohill O’Carolan Weekend is a must for all music lovers and CCÉ extend a warm welcome to all. The branch is extremely grateful to the management of Lough Rynn Castle Hotel and the Hanly Group for their support and assistance in hosting this event and Leitrim VEC for the use of the Vocational School, Mohill.

            On Monday 7th the Harp Orchestra will be going on a tour of O’Carolan Country and will be visiting all sites associated with the famous harper.   They will start the tour from Hatley Manor, Carrick-on-Shannon, the home of the St. George family where O’Carolan’s father was employed as a farmhand and blacksmith. While there they will play the traditional tune “Molly St. George”.


          At Alderford House, they will play Mrs McDermott Roe and Carolan’s Farewell to Music”.


          At Kilronan Cemetery, (his burial place) they will play “Nach í seo an chuairt easbhach” (Marbhna Chearbhallain le Cahaoir Mac Cába).

          At Letterfine they will play “George Reynolds”.

          At Shebeg they will play “Shebeg and Shemore”

          At Laheen they will play “Tobias Peyton”.

          At Fenagh they will play “Lament for Charles McCabe”.

          At Drumboy they will play “Carolan’s Cottage (Alloa house).

          At Mohill they will play “William Eccles”.

          At Lakefield they will play “Miss Crofton.                      


23ú Mí Marta

Budapest 2007

Eabha March 2007

21ú Mí Feabhra

Concert Featuring Néillidh Mulligan Michael Geaney (Songs) And Hungarian Pipers 

Monday 12th March at 19.30pm on Boat 38(Buda Side of Danube), Budapest, Hungary

12ú Mí Feabhra

The Session with the Pipers 

Traditional Music Recital Neillidh Mulligan (Pipes) Tony Mc Mahon (Accordion) Steve Cooney (Guitar)

 The Cobblestone Bar, 77 North King Street, Dublin 7 Tuesday March 6th 2007, starting at 9:30pm (Doors 9.00pm) 

Admission : €12.00 (concession €8.00)

16ú D Fomhair

Tallinn City Theatre’s 4TH International Theatre Festival

Midwinter Night’s Dream

27-31 December 2006


festival PROGRAMME


Wednesday, 27 December

21.00      Jam session at the Festival club                    Festival club


Thursday, 28 December

12.00               Opening Ceremony                  Tallinn Town Hall

18.00      “The Tailor” (Tallinn City Theatre, Estonia)                  Small Stage

18.00      “A Hundred Year-Old House” (Frú Emilía Theatre, Iceland)               Horse Mill

20.00               Néillidh Mulligan and Vincent Woods (Ireland)                 Chamber Theatre

21.30               Kusum Gboo workshop – drums                     Festival club


Friday, 29 December

11.00               Encounter with Issey Ogata and Yuzo Morita                    Heaven Theatre

13.00      “A Hundred Year-Old House” (Frú Emilía Theatre, Iceland)               Horse Mill      

13.00               Néillidh Mulligan and Vincent Woods (Ireland) – for children               Chamber Theatre

15.00               Kusum Gboo workshop – dance                     Small Stage

16.00               Encounter with Jón Atli Jónasson and Jaan Tätte                 Festival club

18.00               “Donky Khot” (The School of Dramatic Art, Russia)                   Hell Theatre

21.00      “A Catalogue of City Life” (Issey Ogata, Japan)                    Heaven Theatre

21.00      Jam session at the Festival club                    Festival club


Saturday, 30 December      

12.00         “Donky Khot” (The School of Dramatic Art, Russia)             Hell Theatre

12.00               Néillidh Mulligan and Vincent Woods (Ireland) – for children               Chamber Theatre

13.00      “A Catalogue of City Life” (Issey Ogata, Japan)                    Heaven Theatre

16.00               Dmitry Krymov’s workshop                        Small Stage

16.00               Néillidh Mulligan and Vincent Woods (Ireland)                 Chamber Theatre

19.00               “Somu” (Kusum Gboo, Ghana)                 Salme Cultural                                                Centre

21.00      Jam session at the Festival club                    Festival club


Sunday, 31 December

Starting from 19.00 – New Year’s Gala throughout the entire Tallinn City Theatre complex




Tallinn City Theatre complex: Festival club, Small Stage, Hell Theatre – 23 Lai Street; Heaven Theatre – 21 Lai Street; Chamber Theatre – 19 Lai Street

Horsemill: 47 Lai Street

Salme Cultural Centre: 12 Salme Street

Tallinn Town Hall: 1 Town Hall Square




Tallinn City Theatre’s 4TH International Theatre Festival

Midwinter Night’s Dream

27-31 December 2006


This year’s Midwinter Night’s Dream festival is dedicated to the centennial anniversary of professional theatre in Estonia. For the occasion we have invited guest performers from very different parts of our world – with participants arriving from Japan, Africa, Russia, Iceland and Ireland. The main theme of the festival is the art of storytelling and the migration of people and stories.


In addition to performances we will offer you workshops and encounters with our guests – the Kusum Gboo Dance Ensemble will teach us about African music and dance, Russian scenographer Dmitry Krymov will reveal to us some secrets of his creative laboratory, Estonian playwright Jaan Tätte and his colleague from Iceland, Jón Atli Jónasson, will discuss the great stories of small nations, and Japanese actor Issey Ogata and director Yuzo Morita will tell us about their working methods and acting techniques. The workshops were initiated with theatrical professionals in mind, but they are also open to the general public.


The artistic director for this year’s festival is Jaanus Rohumaa.






Issey Ogata

“A Catalogue of City Life”

Directed by Yuzo Morita


Issey Ogata, a master of one-man theatre, and his director Yuzo Morita have worked together for more than thirty years. Having participated in student demonstrations in his youth and worked in the early years as a janitor and construction labourer alongside his acting, Issey Ogata is familiar with many different sides of life, and it’s mainly among ordinary Japanese people that he finds characters to depict on stage. In his shows one can see commuters stuck on crowded trains, bartenders cheerfully waiting on an almost empty house, impertinent pizza delivery boys, and widows in love – ordinary people, who are still somehow different from the others.

            Slipping from one role to another with enjoyable ease, Ogata brings out the wittier and funnier side of everyday life – therefore it’s not surprising that he is extremely well loved in his home country. In addition to theatre Ogata often performs on television, and apart from Asia he has toured the US and in Europe. He has also acted in films both in Japan and abroad, recently playing the Emperor Hirohito in Alexander Sokurov’s film “The Sun”.


The performances are in Japanese, with synchronous translation into Estonian and English.



School of Dramatic Art

Dmitry Krymov’s Creative Laboratory

“Sir Vantes. Donky Khot”

A collaborative creation. Opus No 2.

Directed by Dmitry Krymov


Dmitry Krymov is a renowned Russian scenographer and professor. In studying the possibilities of visual theatre, a few years ago he and his scenography students created a production called “Not a Fairytale”, where the very same students participated as actors. Anatoly Vassilyev, the artistic director of the School of Dramatic Art, noticed the production and he offered Krymov the opportunity to establish a creative laboratory at his theatre. By today the laboratory, made up of students of scenography and some young actors, has already created five different productions.

            “Donky Khot” is a fantasy based on “Don Quixote” by Miguel Cervantes – it’s a story about love, hatred, loneliness and death; a humorous and moving performance about a man who is different from everyone else. The creators of “Donky Khot” have said that the performance is meant for people who understand the theatrical language, but also for those who have sometimes felt that they’re different from the crowd. “Donky Khot” is a mixture of different styles – drama, stage movement, dance, song, shadow theatre, puppet theatre and happening.


The performance doesn’t need any translation.




Kusum Gboo


Directed, choreography and compositions/re-arrangements by: Richard Danquah


The Kusum Gboo Dance Ensemble will deliver our festival a hot vibe, travelling here from Africa, the cradle of humanity, to bring to us stories about the creation of Man and world, and colourful dance numbers from the rich cultural heritage of Ghana. “Somu” is a word in the local Akan language, loosely translated as “hold on tightly to whatever you possess”, calling on all Africans to embrace the traditions they have inherited from their forefathers.

            The director, Richard Danquah, was very active in protecting and promoting African dance and culture during his entire lifetime. In addition to Ghana he also gathered knowledge and experience form Benin, Benin and Burkina Faso, and Kenya. Kusum Gboo is one of the most renowned ensembles of traditional dance in Ghana, and they have toured with their performances in several European countries.

            The Kusum Gboo drummers will also contribute to festival life by participating in the evening jam sessions at the festival club.


The verbal section of the performance is in English, with translation into Estonian.




Frú Emilía Theatre

Jón Atli Jóansson “A Hundred Year-Old House”

Directed by: Hafliði Arngrímsson


Iceland is indeed a land of theatre – statistically they have the highest percentage of theatre-goers in the world. During recent years Jón Atli Jónasson’s play called “Surf” has been performed with great success in many European festivals. Midwinter Night’s Dream is proud to present his next play, “A Hundred Year-Old House”.

            In Iceland the play is performed in an old hospital tent that has been abandoned by the British military. The central characters are three old people sharing a room at a nursing home. Together they try to keep alive their memories about a world that is becoming more and more alien to them, and seek each other’s company in a struggle to stay alive, while at the same time longing for another life, another world. The play is written in the form of the evening gatherings which are customary in Icelandic farms, even reminding us sometimes of a wake. The characters tell stories, dance, reminisce, listen to music, drink whiskey, eat sweets, and try to read a Norwegian book about death.


The performances are in Icelandic, with Estonian and English subtitles.




Néillidh Mulligan and Vincent Woods


Ireland is a land of fairytales, poetry and folk music. Renowned uilleann piper, Néillidh Mulligan, and one if Ireland’s best-known contemporary playwrights, Vincent Woods, present a programme including all of those three components. It is a friendly gathering, comprising traditional music, stories and poetry from ancient tradition, framed in the context of modern music and literature. Two performances are meant for grown-ups and two for children.

            Néillidh Mulligan has been in contact with traditional music since his childhood, being a son of an acclaimed fiddle-player and piper. Mulligan has been described as a piper who is sure of his touch and who plays with warmth and emotion. He has worked as a teacher and musician, participated in many festivals, worked in television, theatre and film, and has released three solo albums. Since his first visit here in 1988, he has been a regular performer in Estonia.

            Vincent Woods is a renowned playwright, whose work has been staged both in Ireland and abroad. His plays include “At The Black Pig’s Dyke” and “A Cry from Heaven”, which draw on old traditions and myth to tell powerful stories with strong resonances for today. He has also published several collections of poetry.


The performances are in English, with translation into Estonian.




Tallinn City Theatre

Sławomir Mrožek “The Tailor”

Directed by: Mart Koldits


Mart Koldits, who graduated from the Estonian Academy of Music Drama School in 2004, is the youngest director at Tallinn City Theatre. In his latest production, “The Tailor,” he continues his efforts to present the human mind in metaphorical language, using theatrical means in his search for substance.

            “The Tailor” is a play about culture and its relationship with humans. When the King, the scheming Tailor, the young Idealist, the beautiful Courtesan, and the hostile Barbarians step onto the stage, there begins an intense struggle, the pattern of which has repeated itself from one century to another. But the Tailor discovers a way (at least in the interpretation of some schools) of changing this pattern.


The performance is in Estonian, with synchronous translation into English.


10ú D Fomhair

Brian 'The Godfather' Rooney at the Cobblestone, October 2006.

New links to 

Iain Mac Donald

Tommy Martin's recordings

Seth Gallagher

26ú M Fomhair


Johanson family performances in Ireland
Oct.30 - Nov.1 2006
21.00 At the "Cobblestone"
North King Street
Dublin 7.
14.00 Opening of the exhibition: Tallinn Litography
in the Dublin City Council
20.00 At the "O`Riada Hall"
in Univercity Colledge Cork
in Cork
Estonian musicians will be joined by Irish trad. players and singers.

Three brothers and a sister from Estonia: Jaak, Ants, Mart, Kärt Johansons' music, but even more their way of thinking, the way of living has been influenced on one hand by Estonian traditional songs, by the choir-singing activities of their parents and themselves...
On the other hand by the folk and traditional music revivals, that have in waves spread over the world since their childhood in 60-s and 70-s; also by jazz, by Barbershop singing, by Russian romances, music from Soviet cartoons and by personal contacts with traditional musicians from different cultures ...
They have been making theatre projects, have been promoting trad. music
through festivals and media and running their own small record company
ARM Music.
They really like to perform in their homeland.
But some of their travels have been really significant for them –
Finland, Ireland, Canada, Great Britain, USA, Russia, Norway, Hungary,
Sweden, France …
Johansons can somehow always catch the ready-to-listen audience with
the thoughts and "pictures" about this strange world around us, despite
of the fact that most of the songs are in Estonian.

So on the concert you will probably hear a selection of old traditional
a capella runosongs and newer folksongs by turns with here-and-now-songs made by the singers. And a lot depends on the particular audience that hasgathered on a certain evening in a certain place ...
Jaak Johanson - guitar, vocal
Kärt Johanson - vocal
Mart Johanson- guitar, vocal
Ants Johanson - bouzouki, vocal
This takes place in the framework of Estonian trade mission in Ireland; the visit of Foreign Minister of Estonia and Lord Mayor of Tallinn.
Thanks to Estonian Air, Estonian Institute, City of Tallinn, Estonian Embassy in Dublin ...

The famous singers, the Johanson Family from Estonia, will be joined by some Irish Traditional musicians for a unique night of music and song from both traditions.
Dublin 7

Admission €10.00/7.00 concess.
on Monday 30th October 2006
at 9.00pm
For further info.
tel: 086 6778834

Three brothers and a sister from Estonia. Johansons' music, but even
more their way of thinking, the way of living has been influenced on one
hand by Estonian traditional songs, by the choir-singing activities of
their parents and themselves... On the other hand by the folk and
traditional music revivals, that have in waves spread over the world
since their childhood in 60-s and 70-s; also by jazz, by Barbershop
singing, by Russian romances, music from Soviet cartoons and by personal
contacts with traditional musicians from different cultures ...
They have been making theatre projects, have been promoting trad. music
through festivals and media and running their own small record company
ARM Music.
A sister and three brothers really like to perform in their homeland.
But some of their travels have been really significant for them –
Finland, Ireland, Canada, Great Britain, USA, Russia, Norway, Hungary,
Sweden, France …
Johansons can somehow always catch the ready-to-listen audience with
the thoughts and "pictures" about this strange world around us, despite
of the fact that most of the songs are in Estonian.

So on the concert you will probably hear a selection of old traditional
runosongs and newer folksongs by turns with here-and-now-songs made by
the singers. And a lot depends on the particular audience that has
gathered on a certain evening in a certain place ...

Jaak Johanson - guitar, vocal
Kärt Johanson - vocal
Mart Johanson- guitar, vocal
Ants Johanson - bouzouki, vocal


9ú M Fomhair

Brian Rooney (fiddle)
Neil Mulligan (pipes)

A rare concert from Brian ‘The Godfather’ Rooney (Fiddle) with Neil Mulligan (Pipes) and friends.
Tha Cobblestone
Saturday 21st October
9.00 pm
Admission €15.00
Concession €12.00 

11ú Iúil 2006

Photo of  John Brogan and pat Ward  

23ú Meitheamh 2003

Holidays photos west cork

24ú Bealtaine 2006

The Horse Mulligans, 
Mullingar, 2005


11ú Bealtaine 2006


Date: Sunday, June 18, 2006

Venue: Seamus Ennis Centre


Co Dublin

3:00:00 PM


Admission E 5.00

Contact details: Sean: + 353 87 7870138


15ú Mí Marta


The new NPU website format can be seen at:

24ú Mí Feabhra

Release of CD of Irish and Galician music by Aran

Extract from their website : http://www.arangalicia.com/noticiasing.

•GalÉire is ready to be posted!

The price is 10€ plus the post, which depends on the country you are. If you want to listen our music, you can download 2 tracks of our CD, and listen the first minute of all tracks on the Dowloads section in our web (two of them are full).
To order the CD is very easy, just mail us through the email section of this web. We hope you enjoy our music!.

Under this lines, GalÉire CD cover.





3ú Mí Feabhra

This year’s Joe Mooney Summer School will be held in Drumshanbo from

15th July to 22nd July 2006.


Further information on this Summer School can be seen at:





Nancy Woods


+353 (0)71 964 1213

Mary Doyle


+353 (0)71 964 1426

Padraig McLoughlin


+353 (0)71 964 1015

Jimmie Costello


+353 (0)71 964 1243

Michael Smyth


+353 (0)71 964 1154





Creche facilities


Childcare Centre


+353 (0)71 964 1987


Email: nancywoods@iol.ie








22ú Mí Na Nollaig

Tionól an tSléibhe Dhuibh

  Feabhra 11ú 2005

 10-12 agus 2-4 ranganna píobaireachta le Neillidh Mulligan, Éamon Ó Bróithe agus Muirís Ó Brollacháin,

ceardlann déanta feag le John Mitchell ó Chorcaigh.

Beidh rang breise againn le Steven Porter, is rang speisialta é chun deis a thabhairt do dhaoine nár thriall na píobaí ariamh(steve bocht). Ceolchoirm leis na múinteoirí ar 4.30 Beidh oíche neamhfhoirmiúil againn i siléir uí cheallaigh, tá súil agam go dtig leat fanacht.

Bheinn buíoch duit dá dtiocfadh leat an t--eolas seo a chur ar do shuíomh agus an focal a chur thart go ginearálta,go háirithe i measc na nGaei

Tionól 11th of February,classes from 10-12 and 2-4,Tutors are Néillidh Mulligan, Éamon Ó Bróithe and Muirís ÓBrollacháin, we will have a special class to give people a chance to try the pipes for the first time, the tutor will be Stephen Porter,we will be able to supply a few practise sets but places for this class must be booked in advance.John Mitchell from Cork will host the reed making class. We will have a concert at 4.30 with the tutors and special guests. A night of informal piping is planned for the evening in Kellys cellars bar.more info from Cormac on 048 from south or 028 from north 90209193 or 07803501916 or cormacobriain@hotmail.com .

Tuilleadh Eolas

Cormac Ó'Briain



13ú D Fomhair

Vincent Harrisson, Ben Lennon and Néillidh Mulligan
Derrygonnelly Festival October 2005.

Photo George Beuge http://www.irlandfoto.com/


12ú D Fomhair

Piping Recital: John Rooney (London), Néillidh Mulligan, Gay, Conor & Seán Mc Keon
Date: Friday 28th October 2005
Fear an tí: Noel Pocock
Venue: Séamus Ennis Cultural Centre, Naul
Time: 9pm
Admission: EUR10 (EUR7 conc) 
Seán Mac Philibín or Ger Griffin
Phone: +353-(0)1-8020898
E-mail: info@scoilsheamuisennis.com 

11ú D Fomhair

More Photos of Estonia 2005

19ú M Fomhair

Family photo of Caoimhe First holy Communion

Photos of Estonia 2005

31ú lá de mhí Lúnasa 2005

Photos of Estonia 2005

29ú Meitheamh 2005

Photos of  Lorient

22ú Mí Feabhra 2005

Click for details on the Fishguard Folk festival 2005

17ú Mí Feabhra 2005

Fundraiser for

Dublin 15 Hospice


Blanchardstown Centre,

Dublin 15


9th April 2005 at 8.00 p.m.

Organised by:

Castleknock Community College

Featuring past and present pupils and staff

of the Castleknock Community College.

Guests include Dublin uilleann piper

Néillidh Mulligan


Please support this very worthwhile cause

contact draíocht

The Blanchardstown Centre
Dublin 15

Box Office 01 885 2622
Administration 01 885 2610
Fax: 01 824 3434


27ú Mí Eanair

Photos Mulligans playing Mulligan 

Sunday February 13th @ 3.00pm.

"The Piper in the Parlour" 

Néillidh Mulligan.

Admission is EUR5.

Seamus Ennis Cutural Centre,
Co. Dublin.

14ú Mí Eanair


Details on the Joe Mooney Summer School

Mulligans Logo

Mulligan Plays Mulligans

Néillidh Mulligan

21st January 2005

in Mulligans

Amstel 100


At 9.30 pm

Further info:

E-mail to Mulligans:mulligans@mulligans.nl




Course Code FG52P 

NPU Heritage and Research Project.

Na Píobairí Uilleann, 15 Henrietta Street, Dublin 1

To familiarise participants with the skills required to compile, augment and maintain a cultural heritage archive and provide participants with general information technology skills to enhance their employment prospects.

Data Capture and Entry
Computer Skills
Music Notation Entry
Image Digitisation and Indexing
Music Transcription and Indexing
First Aid
Collecting New Archive Material

11 months in Henrietta St., Dublin 1.

Persons aged 18 years and over. Leaving Certificate standard desirable but not essential.  A number of trainees with experience of Irish traditional music
a level of music ear training or/and an interest in historical research are required.


Contact: Néillidh Mulligan,

Community Srevices, FÁS, Poppintreee industrial Estate, Finglas , Dublin 11

Tel: 01 8140220 for further details or

Email: neillidh.mulligan@fas.ie


James Ennis’s Bagpipes

Many years ago Séamus Ennis left his father James’s bagpipes in trust with my father Tom Mulligan.  The pipes had no bag attached to them and had two boxes of chanter and drone reeds.

Now over 25 years later, in conjuntion with Séamus’ sister Ursula, we have restored them to full working order.  This task of getting them back in playing order has been recently carried out with great dedication and skill by piper Dave Rickard from Cabra, Dublin.  I had the pleasure of hearing him playing them in my house two weeks ago.  They would seem to be mellower than the sound of modern bagpipes and have a lovely balance between chanter and drones.  Dave tells me that they appear to be an R.G. Lawrie set.  There is also a Brian Boru chanter along with the stamped Lawrie Chanter.  James Ennis, who died in January 1964 aged 75 years, played these pipes before he took up the uilleann pipes and played them before he got married in 1917.  Séamus himself also played these bagpipes.  James I’m told, was the leading piper with the Dublin Pipers Club in the early 20th Century and played them right up to about 1947.  (I hope to get further information on James Ennis and his bagpiping days in the near future and if anyone can help in this respect I would be very grateful – contact: neillidh @eircom.net)

The Ennis family have decided to donate this set of bagpipes to the Séamus Ennis Cultural Centre and this will take place at the Piping Recital as part of the Scoil Shamhna Shéamuis Ennis in Naul, County Dublin, next Friday at 8.30 pm.  We will get an opportunity to see and hear them on the night when Dave Rickard will play them.

Néillidh Mulligan

20th October 2004


18ú D Fomhair

Review of An tobar Glé by Paul Carr The Irish Herald (U.S.A.)

Scoil Shamhna Shéamuis Ennis
Co Dublin

Piping Recital
Friday 22 10 04 @ 8.00 pm
in The Séamus Ennis Cultural Centre, Naul:

Néillidh Mulligan
Leo Rickard
and Micky Dunne

Saturday 23rd Workshops in Uilleann Pipes, Fiddle, Flute , Tin Whistle, Concertina ans Sean Nós singing:
registrations at 10.00 a.m. in Naul and Ballyboughal. Classes 10.30am to 4.30pm
Cost: €20.00

Grand Concert 
Seamusd Ennis Cultural Centre
at 8.00 pm

Néillidh Mulligan
Tony Mac Mahon & Steve Cooney
Micheál O Raighille
Leo Rickard
Jacinta McGorman 
and many more

Adm € 15.00

Further informatio at:
Administration/Booking: (01) 8020898

Fax: (01) 8020899
E-mail: seamusenniscentre@eircom.net
087 7870138

23ú M Fomhair


19th March 2005

Scoil na Mainistreach
Co. Kildare
Among other instruments there will be a workshop in Uilleann Pipes

with Néillidh Mulligan

From 12.00 to 4.30 pm on Saturday 3rd April 2004.
Registrations from 11.00 a.m. on the day
This will be followed by a concert by the tutors
in the Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth at 8.00pm

Further information from:

Nuala Keane
32 Primrose Hill
Co Kildare

Tel: 01 6273274


7ú D Fomhair

Scoil Shamna Shéamuis Ennis
County Dublin

From 22nd - 25th October 2004

Piping Recital in The Séamus Ennis Centre, Naul on
Friday 22nd October at 8.00 pm.

Piping, Flute, Fiddle, Tin Whistle and Singing Workshops 
on Saturday 23rd from 10.00 to 4.00 pm

Further information:

Administration/Booking: (01) 8020898

Fax: (01) 8020899
E-mail: seamusenniscentre@eircom.net

1ú D Fomhair

Derrygonnelly Traditional Music Festival

Derrygonnelly, Co. Fermanagh 9 /10/11th October 2004

A weekend festival tribute to the music of music of

flute-player Eddie Duffy and fiddle-player Mick Hoy.


for further info contact:

Liam Elliott: 028 6864 1306


Brenda Murphy: brendamurphy1@yahoo.com


14ú Iúil 2003 

Alphie and Neillidh playing  at Tuesday Night Session in O' Neills, Forhill Co Armagh

9ú Iúil 2003 

Poetry and Pipering

Venue: Methodist Church, Carrick Road,Drumshanbo,County Leitrim

Artists: Leitrim Poet Vincent Woods and Uilleann Piper Néillidh Mulligan

Time: 8.00 pm

 Date: 23 July 2004

Adm.: Free


Tadhg  Photos

15ú Meitheamh 2003

Festival Interceltique in Lorient, Brittany

9ú Meitheamh 2003

O' Neill's, Forkhill.

Neillidh Mulligan will be guest at the

Tuesday Night Session

in O' Neills, Forhill Co Armagh

On 12th July 2004 at 9.00 pm.


2ú Meitheamh 2003

Lovely Leitrim

A night with uilleann piper Néillidh Mulligan and Friends

in Gerties Canal Turn, Keshcarrigan, Co. Leitrim.

on Saturday night 26th June at 9.00 pm

Admission Free.

Further info. Contact: Desi Foley at: 086 3871679


17ú Bealtaine 2003

The Leitrim Fleadh 2004 photos

Oldest wooden pipes found in Ireland


Archaeologists are dancing with delight after discovering a set of musical pipes believed to have been used 4,000 years ago by prehistoric man in Ireland, making them the world's oldest wooden instruments.

Archaeologists discovered the six wooden pipes, which are not joined, during excavations of a housing development site near the coastal town of Greystones, south of Dublin."It is brilliant, absolutely fantastic," Bernice Molloy, site director for archaeological consultancy firm Margaret Gowen said. "It is an amazing find. They had been preserved because they were in the lower part of the site which was damper," Ms Molloy said.

Experts have been able to play a series of notes, including E flat, A flat and F natural, on the yew wood pipes.

The pipes were discovered in the bottom of a wood-lined trough.

The archaeological team had been excavating a burnt mound believed to have been a cooking site when it came across the trough. A wooden peg used in the construction of the trough has been radio carbon dated to between 2,120 BC and 2,085 BC, which falls in the Early Bronze Age period.

Ms Molloy said the hollow pipes, measuring between 30 centimetres and 50 centimetres long are tapered at one end but have no perforations or finger holes.  "I have so far been unable to find any older wooden instrument," said Margaret Gowen, who owns the consultancy that made the discovery. "It appears to be 1,000 years older than anything I can find on record, certainly in Europe. "There is a suggestion of an early Chinese composite instrument like pan pipes with a gourd that is the wind chamber going back to about 1500 BC, but that is an illustration rather than the instrument," she said. Ms Gowen added that a 2,000 year-old sophisticated wooden pipe organ, dating from Roman times, had been discovered in Hungary. "In our case it is one of those accidents of survival and a wonderful one at that. It is going to excite quite a lot of interest," she said of the find.

A number of prehistoric musical instruments made from bone, including simple flutes and whistles dating back more than 100,000 years, have already been uncovered in Ireland.



12ú Bealtaine 2003

Alphie's son Tadhg catches a big fish at Barrettstown

21ú Aibreán 2004

UPDATE 21.4.04


Neil Mulligan

An Tobar Gle



The Piper Calls the Tune.

A protege of greats like Leo Rowsome and Seamus Ennis, not to mention his own dad, Tom. Neillidh Mulligan is steeped in the greatest traditions of ulleann piping.

His third album, An Tobar Gle (The Bright Well) proudly maintains these rich traditions with a masterful display of top tunes.

In an age of hybrids and cultural crossover, it's also refreshing joy to hear the pure art of the musician. 



1ú Aibreán 2004

Upcoming Events

Benefit Concert
The Leitrim County Fleadh Cheoil
Conamara Coast Hotel

15ú Mí Marta

Photos of the Doran weekend

19ú Mí Feabhra 2003

Review of An Tobar Glé by Patrick D’Arcy

17ú Mí Feabhra 2003

Folkworld Review 27/02/2004

Neil Mulligan "An Tobar Glé"

“This is the pure drop from the well of tradition.”

Full review at: http://www.folkworld.de/27/e/cds2.html#mull


12ú Mí Feabhra 2003

family photo

22ú Mí Eanáir 2004

More Than Museums

RTE  Radio 1 producer Peter Woods is making a series of documentaries called More Than Museums on various topics of interest over 15 programmes which are being broadcast over the coming weeks on Thursdays at 7.02 p.m.

Peter interviewed me for his documentary next Thursday 29th January which will be about  the Uilleann Pipes and comes from N.P.U in Henrietta Street. 

Further info at:  http://www.rte.ie/radio1/evening/morethanmuseums/


13ú Eanair 2004

Féile Phíobaireachta 2004

Review of An Tobar Glé by Alex Monaghan

Review of AnTobar Glé by The Journal of Music in Ireland Nov/Dec 2003

9ú Eanair 2004

An Interestering email form Cathal McGoey about Jim Mulchrone

29ú D Fomhair

Photo's of  Mikie Doran John Rooney and others

London Gig - 28th November 2003

Néillidh Mulligan will be playing a gig in the following Ealing, London venue:

The Larkin Inn  

66 Boston Road


London W7 2ET

At 9.00 pm on 28th November 2003

Some local musicians will also be joining in for a session

For further information Contact:

Martin at: (0044) 7949315127


20ú D Fomhair


14ú D Fomhair

Photos of 2003 Lahemaa Festival in Estonia 

13ú D Fomhair

Review of an Tobar Glé by   Pay The Reckoning, October 2003

Review of an Tobar Glé by John Neilson of  The Welsh Folk Magazine

17ú lá de mhí Mean Fomhair 2003

Review of An Tobar Glé by Pat Ahern of The Irish Examiner

9ú lá de mhí Mean Fomhair 2003

Review Folk Roots Magazine of An Tobar Glé

28ú lá de mhí Lúnasa 2003

Derrygonnelly Traditional Music Festival

10-11-12 October 2003

This year’s Festival, commemorating Eddie Duffy and Mick Hoy, will feature Music Workshops in Fiddle, Flute, Tin Whistle, Accordion, Set Dancing and Singing. 

The Opening Concert will be in Tir Navar at 8.00 pm on 10th October.

The Derrygonnelly launch of An Tobar Glé will be at 1.00 pm in the Knockmore Lounge on Saturday 11th October.

This will be followed by a concert at 2.00 pm in the Knockmore Lounge.

Sessions in all the hostelries throughout the weekend.

Further info. from: Anne Gallagher - 028 6864 1648/Liam Elliott - 028 6864 1306


26ú lá de mhí Lúnasa 2003

Review By Philippe Varlet of Celtic Grooves An Tobar Glé

Details on The South Western Assoc. of Uilleann Pipers

12ú lá de mhí Lúnasa 2003

Photo of Tommy Martin playing at his own American Wake

10ú lá de mhí Lúnasa 2003

Pibau Pencader

I have been invited to perform at Pibau Pencader this year in Pencader, Carmarthenshire, Wales.

The festival, which is a bagpipe festival, is being held from 17th - 19th September 2003.

For previous festivals see:



Neil Mulligan

6ú Lúnasa 2003

Photo's of Leitrim Launch of An Tobar Glé In Fitzpatrick's Ceillidh House, Mohill Co. Leitrim on 24th July 2003 by Paul Eliasberg


30ú Iúil 2003

Joe Mooney Summer School 2003

Photos od Joe Mooney Summer School which were Taken by Lewis Blevins from Nashville.

This was unique occasion when I decided to teach my pupils Gormans Reel(One of many such named reels- e.g see The Leitrim Thrush) beside the famine graveyard where he is buried in an unmarked grave, hence the plaque.

For the story of Johnny Gorman see O Neill's Minstrels and Musicians where there is a full page on him.


29ú Iúil 2003 

Article on  An Tobar Glé release – Foinse (Irish language newspaper )

18ú Iúil 2003 

Review in Hot Press on 17th July 2003

17ú Iúil 2003 

Leitrim Launch of An Tobar Glé

Mohill Storytelling Festival

Invite you to the Leitrim Launch of 

Neillidh Mulligan’s CD

An Tobar Glé

on Friday 25th July at 8.30p.m. sharp in 

Fitzpatrick’s Ceili House, Mohill

Contact: Bernard Reynolds 087 2703136

16ú Iúil 2003 

Eden Court Piping Concert Photos Inverness June 2003

15ú Iúil 2003 

July 19th - 26th: Joe Mooney Summer School Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim,

SCOIL SAMRAIDH LIATROMA Druim-Sean-Bhoth, Co. Liatroma, Eire 

The fifteenth annual Joe Mooney Summer School of traditional Irish music, song and dance will be held between 19th and 26th July 2003 in Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim, Ireland.

Classes and tutors have now been finalized for this summer and details

can be found on the classes and events pages on the website:


Piping tutors are Néillidh Mulligan and Mikie Smyth.


14ú Iúil 2003 

Lahemaa International Bagpipe Festival

1st - 3rd August I will be performing, along with members of the Mulligan Quartet,

at the Lahemaa International Bagpipe Festival in Palmse, Lahemaa, Estonia.

Also we will be performing at:

Kloostri Ait Cafe,

Central Tallinn,

on Thursday 31st July at 9.00 pm, when and where

An Tobar Gle

will be officially launched in the Baltics.


CD Launch in Monasteredan, Co Sligo


Neillidh Mulligan and friends

North West Launch of An Tobar Glé.

The North West Launch of An Tobar Glé will take place in:

Drurys Tavern, Monasteredan,Ballaghadereen,,Co Sligo

Phone 0907 60403

On Saturday 26th July

at 8.30 pm.


4ú Iúil 2003 

An tobar Glé Tshirts now available

4ú Iúil 2003 

An Tobar Glé  Sleeve Notes by Peter Woods

3ú Iúil 2003

Reviw of An Tobar Glé by Síobhán Long of The Irish Times

30ú Meitheamh 2003

Photos of the launch of An Tobar Glé CD

27ú Meitheamh 2003

Neil asked  me (Alphie Mulligan) to put up a few words on his CD Launch last night in the cobblestone....

Last Night (Thursday) saw the launch of the of Neillidh Mulligan’s new CD "An Tobar Glé" in the Cobblestone.

The CD was launched by Vincent Woods (Poet) from County Leitrim

Fiachra And Neillidh

First on stage was Neillidh who played solo and he was joined by his son Fiachra (on Fiddle) and they treated us to very enjoyable selection of tunes. After Fiachra had finished Neil was joined on stage by Seán Ó Broin (on Flute) and later by Harry Bradley (on Flute). The music was flowing and was very well received by all.

Peter Woods who wrote the sleeve note gave a few words which was followed by Carmel Gunning delighting the crowd with her whistle playing. The music ended up with Neillidh, Tommy (pipes) and Jackie (fiddle)  Martin,  Loraine Sweeney (flute), Seán Ó Broin (flute) and myself playing pipes

Neil would like to thank all that made the night so enjoyable with special thanks to our brother Tom for the venue, Neil will up a full report on the launch early next week.


24ú Meitheamh 2003

A Galician piping fan!

5ú Meitheamh 2003

An Tobar Glé 

I am delighted to say that my new CD, An Tobar Glé, will be ready over the coming weeks and I will celebrate it’s launch in the Cobblestone on 26th June next around 8.30 pm! 

If anybody is interested in a signed, advanced copy they will be available in about two weeks, including P and P, for €20.00 or $20.00 or stg15.00 by cheque payment.

Further enquiries and details from:



New photos of Fleadh Nua, May 2003

6ú Bealtaine 2003

Photos of the re-opening of the Cobblestone Gigs

1ú Bealtaine 2003

CD reviews by Paul Carr of "Barr na Cúille"*

CD reviews by Paul Carr of "The Cobblestone Sessions"

11th Aibreán 2003

The Highland festival 2003

28ú Mí Feabhra 2003

Review of  "The Cobblestone Sessions" CD

Notation for "Tom Mulligan's Hornpipe" and "The Standing Abbey"

28ú Mí Eanair

Just discovered!

A link to the story of young Micky Doran, grandson of Felix Doran who was taught by his father Micky Doran Snr.

Check it out at:       Mikey Doran

It is a highly recommended weekend and further info. re. events/accommodation can be had from: Frances Murray 0402-34863

Here's to another great piping occasion!



Details on the  Derrygonnelly, Traditional Festival Co. Fermanagh


For further information please contact:


E-mail: neillidh@eircom.net Web:http://neilmulligan.com/