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Joe  Mooney Summer School
Doran Piping weekend

Mohill O’Carolan Celebration  May Bank Holiday Weekend

On Wednesday, 11th of April Members of Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann, Maothail gathered with invited guests to launch the first Mohill O’Carolan Weekend at the beautiful grounds of Lough Rynn Castle Hotel which is to be the setting for the performance by The National Harp Orchestra directed by Dr. Janet Harbison. This concert will take place on Sunday 6th May at 3.00 p.m.

Chairperson of CCÉ, Maothail Councillor Enda Stenson welcomed the gathering and explained the background of the Mohill O’Carolan Weekend.

In 2006 CCÉ, Maothail had hosted Fleadh Cheoil Liatroma and as part of its opening ceremony had been delighted to present Dr. Janet Harbison and the National Harp Orchestra.  Such was the reception from the crowds and the media both local and national, that the branch as part of its programme for 2007 invited Dr. Harbison and her wonderful orchestra back to be part of the inaugural Mohill O’Carolan Weekend.  Councillor Stenson explained that Mohill has a long association with Turlough O’Carolan, the blind harpist, reputed to be the first great Irish composer.

 It is most fitting that the branch should celebrate and commemorate a musician with local connections  O’Carolan’s only permanent home being but a few miles from the town on land given to him by his patrons the Crofton family of Lakefield House Gortletteragh.  A project such as the ‘Mohill O’Carolan Weekend’ will allow locals and those who travel from afar the opportunity to hear some of the work of O’Carolan which has survived and has been celebrated and enjoyed for over two hundred years.

Nancy Woods, County Secretary of Comhaltas and former Leitrim Person of the Year spoke of “a dream come true” as CCÉ, Maothail prepare to welcome Dr. Janet Harbison and the National Harp Orchestra to Mohill this May bank holiday weekend.  “When Comhaltas was founded back in 1951 one of its primary objectives was to preserve, and to keep alive the great Irish tradition of the harp and the uillean pipes and here in Mohill we are doing just that with the bringing together of the National Harp Orchestra and the renowned uillean piper with Leitrim connections Neillidh Mulligan. It is a great honour and indeed a great privilege to be associated with the Mohill O’Carolan Weekend,” Ms.Woods added. It was also revealed at the launch that Dr Harbison, Director of the National Harp Orchestra is composing a piece of music dedicated to the memory of one of Leitrim’s and Ireland’s greatest writers- John McGahern which will be performed for the first time at the concert

Mohill is the place to be on May 5th –May 6th.


The weekend starts on Saturday afternoon with workshops being given in the Vocational School, Mohill from 10.00a.m. – 1.00p.m.


·       Harp with Dr. Janet Harbison,

·       Uillean pipes with Neillidh Mulligan

·       Flute with Ryan Murphy (National Harp Orchestra)

·       Tin whistle with Mossie Martin

·       Singing with Fionnuala Maxwell

·       Parents are encouraged to bring along their children to experiment with baby harps (kindly provided by Dr Harbison) with the view to cultivate further interest in harp music.


Traditional sessions will be held in the various pubs throughout the town later that night and throughout the weekend.  Sunday afternoon at three o clock sharp on the lawns of Lough Rynn Castle Hotel an open air concert will be held. Artists featuring will include the National Harp Orchestra, Neillidh Mulligan one of Ireland’s finest and most distinguished uilleann pipers, the Tracy O Neill School of Dancing who have travelled throughout Ireland, England and America, the Aughnasheelin 2006 Scor All Ireland Ballad Singers,

Sean Ward, Joe Mc Govern and friends and members of the Mohill Singers Club.

          CCÉ, Maothail believe that this will be a weekend of wonderful music, song and craic framed against the beautiful backdrop of Lough Rynn Castle Hotel with its elegant fairways, copses, nature trails and lakesides walks. Mohill O’Carolan Weekend is a must for all music lovers and CCÉ extend a warm welcome to all. The branch is extremely grateful to the management of Lough Rynn Castle Hotel and the Hanly Group for their support and assistance in hosting this event and Leitrim VEC for the use of the Vocational School, Mohill.

            On Monday 7th the Harp Orchestra will be going on a tour of O’Carolan Country and will be visiting all sites associated with the famous harper.   They will start the tour from Hatley Manor, Carrick-on-Shannon, the home of the St. George family where O’Carolan’s father was employed as a farmhand and blacksmith. While there they will play the traditional tune “Molly St. George”.


          At Alderford House, they will play Mrs McDermott Roe and Carolan’s Farewell to Music”.


          At Kilronan Cemetery, (his burial place) they will play “Nach í seo an chuairt easbhach” (Marbhna Chearbhallain le Cahaoir Mac Cába).

          At Letterfine they will play “George Reynolds”.

          At Shebeg they will play “Shebeg and Shemore”

          At Laheen they will play “Tobias Peyton”.

          At Fenagh they will play “Lament for Charles McCabe”.

          At Drumboy they will play “Carolan’s Cottage (Alloa house).

          At Mohill they will play “William Eccles”.

          At Lakefield they will play “Miss Crofton.  


The Session with the Pipers 

Traditional Music Recital Neillidh Mulligan (Pipes) Tony Mc Mahon (Accordion) Steve Cooney (Guitar)

 The Cobblestone Bar, 77 North King Street, Dublin 7 Tuesday March 6th 2007, starting at 9:30pm (Doors 9.00pm) 

Admission : €12.00 (concession €8.00)



Tallinn City Theatre’s 4TH International Theatre Festival

Midwinter Night’s Dream

27-31 December 2006


festival PROGRAMME


Wednesday, 27 December

21.00      Jam session at the Festival club                    Festival club


Thursday, 28 December

12.00               Opening Ceremony                  Tallinn Town Hall

18.00      “The Tailor” (Tallinn City Theatre, Estonia)                  Small Stage

18.00      “A Hundred Year-Old House” (Frú Emilía Theatre, Iceland)               Horse Mill

20.00               Néillidh Mulligan and Vincent Woods (Ireland)                 Chamber Theatre

21.30               Kusum Gboo workshop – drums                     Festival club


Friday, 29 December

11.00               Encounter with Issey Ogata and Yuzo Morita                    Heaven Theatre

13.00      “A Hundred Year-Old House” (Frú Emilía Theatre, Iceland)               Horse Mill      

13.00               Néillidh Mulligan and Vincent Woods (Ireland) – for children               Chamber Theatre

15.00               Kusum Gboo workshop – dance                     Small Stage

16.00               Encounter with Jón Atli Jónasson and Jaan Tätte                 Festival club

18.00               “Donky Khot” (The School of Dramatic Art, Russia)                   Hell Theatre

21.00      “A Catalogue of City Life” (Issey Ogata, Japan)                    Heaven Theatre

21.00      Jam session at the Festival club                    Festival club


Saturday, 30 December      

12.00         “Donky Khot” (The School of Dramatic Art, Russia)             Hell Theatre

12.00               Néillidh Mulligan and Vincent Woods (Ireland) – for children               Chamber Theatre

13.00      “A Catalogue of City Life” (Issey Ogata, Japan)                    Heaven Theatre

16.00               Dmitry Krymov’s workshop                        Small Stage

16.00               Néillidh Mulligan and Vincent Woods (Ireland)                 Chamber Theatre

19.00               “Somu” (Kusum Gboo, Ghana)                 Salme Cultural                                                Centre

21.00      Jam session at the Festival club                    Festival club


Sunday, 31 December

Starting from 19.00 – New Year’s Gala throughout the entire Tallinn City Theatre complex




Tallinn City Theatre complex: Festival club, Small Stage, Hell Theatre – 23 Lai Street; Heaven Theatre – 21 Lai Street; Chamber Theatre – 19 Lai Street

Horsemill: 47 Lai Street

Salme Cultural Centre: 12 Salme Street

Tallinn Town Hall: 1 Town Hall Square




Tallinn City Theatre’s 4TH International Theatre Festival

Midwinter Night’s Dream

27-31 December 2006


This year’s Midwinter Night’s Dream festival is dedicated to the centennial anniversary of professional theatre in Estonia. For the occasion we have invited guest performers from very different parts of our world – with participants arriving from Japan, Africa, Russia, Iceland and Ireland. The main theme of the festival is the art of storytelling and the migration of people and stories.


In addition to performances we will offer you workshops and encounters with our guests – the Kusum Gboo Dance Ensemble will teach us about African music and dance, Russian scenographer Dmitry Krymov will reveal to us some secrets of his creative laboratory, Estonian playwright Jaan Tätte and his colleague from Iceland, Jón Atli Jónasson, will discuss the great stories of small nations, and Japanese actor Issey Ogata and director Yuzo Morita will tell us about their working methods and acting techniques. The workshops were initiated with theatrical professionals in mind, but they are also open to the general public.


The artistic director for this year’s festival is Jaanus Rohumaa.






Issey Ogata

“A Catalogue of City Life”

Directed by Yuzo Morita


Issey Ogata, a master of one-man theatre, and his director Yuzo Morita have worked together for more than thirty years. Having participated in student demonstrations in his youth and worked in the early years as a janitor and construction labourer alongside his acting, Issey Ogata is familiar with many different sides of life, and it’s mainly among ordinary Japanese people that he finds characters to depict on stage. In his shows one can see commuters stuck on crowded trains, bartenders cheerfully waiting on an almost empty house, impertinent pizza delivery boys, and widows in love – ordinary people, who are still somehow different from the others.

            Slipping from one role to another with enjoyable ease, Ogata brings out the wittier and funnier side of everyday life – therefore it’s not surprising that he is extremely well loved in his home country. In addition to theatre Ogata often performs on television, and apart from Asia he has toured the US and in Europe. He has also acted in films both in Japan and abroad, recently playing the Emperor Hirohito in Alexander Sokurov’s film “The Sun”.


The performances are in Japanese, with synchronous translation into Estonian and English.



School of Dramatic Art

Dmitry Krymov’s Creative Laboratory

“Sir Vantes. Donky Khot”

A collaborative creation. Opus No 2.

Directed by Dmitry Krymov


Dmitry Krymov is a renowned Russian scenographer and professor. In studying the possibilities of visual theatre, a few years ago he and his scenography students created a production called “Not a Fairytale”, where the very same students participated as actors. Anatoly Vassilyev, the artistic director of the School of Dramatic Art, noticed the production and he offered Krymov the opportunity to establish a creative laboratory at his theatre. By today the laboratory, made up of students of scenography and some young actors, has already created five different productions.

            “Donky Khot” is a fantasy based on “Don Quixote” by Miguel Cervantes – it’s a story about love, hatred, loneliness and death; a humorous and moving performance about a man who is different from everyone else. The creators of “Donky Khot” have said that the performance is meant for people who understand the theatrical language, but also for those who have sometimes felt that they’re different from the crowd. “Donky Khot” is a mixture of different styles – drama, stage movement, dance, song, shadow theatre, puppet theatre and happening.


The performance doesn’t need any translation.




Kusum Gboo


Directed, choreography and compositions/re-arrangements by: Richard Danquah


The Kusum Gboo Dance Ensemble will deliver our festival a hot vibe, travelling here from Africa, the cradle of humanity, to bring to us stories about the creation of Man and world, and colourful dance numbers from the rich cultural heritage of Ghana. “Somu” is a word in the local Akan language, loosely translated as “hold on tightly to whatever you possess”, calling on all Africans to embrace the traditions they have inherited from their forefathers.

            The director, Richard Danquah, was very active in protecting and promoting African dance and culture during his entire lifetime. In addition to Ghana he also gathered knowledge and experience form Benin, Benin and Burkina Faso, and Kenya. Kusum Gboo is one of the most renowned ensembles of traditional dance in Ghana, and they have toured with their performances in several European countries.

            The Kusum Gboo drummers will also contribute to festival life by participating in the evening jam sessions at the festival club.


The verbal section of the performance is in English, with translation into Estonian.




Frú Emilía Theatre

Jón Atli Jóansson “A Hundred Year-Old House”

Directed by: Hafliði Arngrímsson


Iceland is indeed a land of theatre – statistically they have the highest percentage of theatre-goers in the world. During recent years Jón Atli Jónasson’s play called “Surf” has been performed with great success in many European festivals. Midwinter Night’s Dream is proud to present his next play, “A Hundred Year-Old House”.

            In Iceland the play is performed in an old hospital tent that has been abandoned by the British military. The central characters are three old people sharing a room at a nursing home. Together they try to keep alive their memories about a world that is becoming more and more alien to them, and seek each other’s company in a struggle to stay alive, while at the same time longing for another life, another world. The play is written in the form of the evening gatherings which are customary in Icelandic farms, even reminding us sometimes of a wake. The characters tell stories, dance, reminisce, listen to music, drink whiskey, eat sweets, and try to read a Norwegian book about death.


The performances are in Icelandic, with Estonian and English subtitles.




Néillidh Mulligan and Vincent Woods


Ireland is a land of fairytales, poetry and folk music. Renowned uilleann piper, Néillidh Mulligan, and one if Ireland’s best-known contemporary playwrights, Vincent Woods, present a programme including all of those three components. It is a friendly gathering, comprising traditional music, stories and poetry from ancient tradition, framed in the context of modern music and literature. Two performances are meant for grown-ups and two for children.

            Néillidh Mulligan has been in contact with traditional music since his childhood, being a son of an acclaimed fiddle-player and piper. Mulligan has been described as a piper who is sure of his touch and who plays with warmth and emotion. He has worked as a teacher and musician, participated in many festivals, worked in television, theatre and film, and has released three solo albums. Since his first visit here in 1988, he has been a regular performer in Estonia.

            Vincent Woods is a renowned playwright, whose work has been staged both in Ireland and abroad. His plays include “At The Black Pig’s Dyke” and “A Cry from Heaven”, which draw on old traditions and myth to tell powerful stories with strong resonances for today. He has also published several collections of poetry.


The performances are in English, with translation into Estonian.




Tallinn City Theatre

Sławomir Mrožek “The Tailor”

Directed by: Mart Koldits


Mart Koldits, who graduated from the Estonian Academy of Music Drama School in 2004, is the youngest director at Tallinn City Theatre. In his latest production, “The Tailor,” he continues his efforts to present the human mind in metaphorical language, using theatrical means in his search for substance.

            “The Tailor” is a play about culture and its relationship with humans. When the King, the scheming Tailor, the young Idealist, the beautiful Courtesan, and the hostile Barbarians step onto the stage, there begins an intense struggle, the pattern of which has repeated itself from one century to another. But the Tailor discovers a way (at least in the interpretation of some schools) of changing this pattern.


The performance is in Estonian, with synchronous translation into English. 




Date: Sunday, June 18, 2006

Venue: Seamus Ennis Centre


Co Dublin

3:00:00 PM


Admission E 5.00

Contact details: Sean: + 353 87 7870138


Piping Recital: John Rooney (London), Néillidh Mulligan, Gay, Conor & Seán Mc Keon
Date: Friday 28th October 2005
Fear an tí: Noel Pocock
Venue: Séamus Ennis Cultural Centre, Naul
Time: 9pm
Admission: EUR10 (EUR7 conc) 
Seán Mac Philibín or Ger Griffin
Phone: +353-(0)1-8020898


Fishguard Folk logo


Fishguard Folk Festival

27, 28, 29 May 2005

Neillidh Mulligan •

Uiscedwr •

Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer
Pibau Preseli •

Andi Neate •

Sild •

Crab Apple Band •

Mainbrace •

Vagrants Crew
Something's Afoot •

Raise the Dust
Big Busk • 

Open mic sessions • Smugglers and Pirates walk

Further info. and website at:

Fishguard Folk logo


Joe Mooney Summer School


County Leitrim

16th July – 24th July 2005

Further details and contact:


19th March 2005

Scoil na Mainistreach
Co. Kildare
Among other instruments there will be a workshop in Uilleann Pipes

with Néillidh Mulligan

From 12.00 to 4.30 pm on Saturday 3rd April 2004.
Registrations from 11.00 a.m. on the day
This will be followed by a concert by the tutors
in the Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth at 8.00pm

Further information from:

Nuala Keane
32 Primrose Hill
Co Kildare

Tel: 01 6273274


Poetry and Pipering

Venue: Methodist Church, Carrick Road,Drumshanbo,County Leitrim

Artists: Leitrim Poet Vincent Woods and Uilleann Piper Néillidh Mulligan

Time: 8.00 pm

 Date: 23 July 2004

Adm.: Free



Festival Interceltique in Lorient, Brittany

This year I will be tutoring and performing at the Festival Interceltique in Lorient, Brittany from

31st July to 8th August.

Further details at:


Upcoming Events

Benefit Concert


The Cobblestone


Dublin 7


At 9.00 pm

On Thursday 8th April 2004



Seán Ó Broin

Vincent Harrison

Néillidh Mulligan


Further Info. 086 8541940




Néillidh Mulligan

will perform the

Official Opening


The Leitrim County Fleadh Cheoil


Co. Leitrim


25th April 2004

@ 3.00 p.m



Conamara Coast Hotel


Co na Gaillimhe

At 8.00 pm

On 26th May 2004


Special Concert



The Kane Sisters

Nan Tom Taimín de Búrca

Johnny Connolly

Néillidh Mulligan  

And more

Féile Phíobaireachta 2004


Pipers Festival in Belfast- 24th January 2004 ____________________________________________________

Néillidh Mulligan, Nollaig MacCárthaigh, Alan Moller and Cormac (Buzz) Ó Briain will perform in a day-long festival of piping at the Cultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiach.

The festival includes workshops (admission £5.00) and a concert (admission £5.00) and takes place on Saturday January 24th. 

216 Falls Road, Belfast BT12 6AH.

Information and credit card sales at (048) 90964180

An Cultúrlann, Falls Road, Belfast.

Worshops 10.00 a.m.-1200 & 2.00-4.00 p.m.

Followed by a concert at the same venue at 8.00 pm.

For further info. contact Mary or Eimear at (048) 90964186

London Gig - 28th November 2003

Néillidh Mulligan will be playing a gig in the following Ealing, London venue:

The Larkin Inn  

66 Boston Road


London W7 2ET

At 9.00 pm on 28th November 2003

Some local musicians will also be joining in for a session

For further information Contact:

Martin at: (0044) 7949315127




Scoil na Mainistreach
Co. Kildare
Among other instruments there will be a workshop in Uilleann Pipes
From 12.00 to 4.30 pm on Saturday 3rd April 2004.
Registrations from 11.00 a.m. on the day
This will be followed by a concert by the tutors
in the Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth at 8.00pm

Further information from:

Nuala Keane
32 Primrose Hill
Co Kildare

Tel: 01 6273274


The South Western Assoc. of Uilleann Pipers.

I will be heading over to Looe in Cornwall for the SWAUP Tionól from Friday 7th - 9th November 2003.

Further details from Steve Turner at:

Or you can view their website at:


The Highland Festival 2003

Now in its eighth year, the Highland Festival has become one of the largest and most popular arts events in Scotland, creating an annual summer celebration involving local and international artists, communities and audiences, providing local folk with opportunities to participate in high calibre artistic events, while attracting increasing numbers of visitors to the Highlands.   It is the only festival in the Region with a Pan-Highland remit, its scale and breadth giving it a position of national significance. 

 At the core of the HF s programme is its renowned, innovative, yet accessible commissions of new work in which our rich and varied culture takes centre stage. This year the emphasis will be on the various piping traditions.

To date we have the famous Glenuig MacDonald Brothers, Edinburgh based band Pipedown, Fred Morrison with bouzouki player Jamie McMenemy, Uist born piper and gaelic singer Rhona Lightfoot and pupils from the Traditional Music School School of Excellence in Plockton who have confirmed their availability for the concert on the 13th.  Cailean MacLean will also be bringing a piper over from Prince Edward Island.  We are also hoping that the Vale of Atholl Pipe Band and Inverness Schools Band will take part in the concert.


We plan for this to be a really exciting weekend of music and can guarantee a good time will be had by all.

With very best wishes

Morven MacLeod


ps  If you want to check out our website at you can see what we did last year.

As per notice above I will be heading for the Highlands of Scotland for  13th 14th and 15th June 2003 and it looks like it will be a fabulous piping weekend!


For more information contact...

Morven MacLeod

The Highland Festival

The Castle 

Inverness IV2 3EG





Poetry and Pipering

Vincent Woods (Poet) and Néillidh Mulligan (Uilleann Pipes) 

as part of: The Rathmines Festival Senior College School

Town Hall Rathmines Dublin 6 on 23rd March 2003 at 4.30 p.m.

Admission is free.




Ceol Camloch, Camlough, Co Armagh


Saturday 18th October 2003 at 9.00 pm

Venue TBC



Uilleann Pipes Master Class


Saturday 14th December 2002 Néillidh Mulligan will be giving a master class in Uilleann piping in Na Píobairí Uilleann 15 Henrietta Street Dublin 1 beginning at 11.00 a.m

Further details from Ciarán Somers

Tel: 01 8730093


    Session in Rush at the Chris Langan Summer School.

Photo by Hideki Nakao


The Seamus Ennis Heritage Centre, Naul, Co. Dublin

Néillidh Mulligan and Ronan Browne on Friday 25th October at 8.30 pm. As part of Scoil Shamhna Shéamais Ennis


Ceardlann Earraigh 2003

Scoil na Mainistreach, Celbridge, Co. Kildare, on 12th April 2003


Noel Hill, Brendan McGlinchey, Néillidh Mulligan, Bobby Gardner, Róisín Ní Mhainín, Mick Turbrid ,and many more.

Musical instrument workshops including an Uilleann Pipes Workshop from 12.00 - 4.30 followed by a concert by all the tutors at 8.00 p.m.

(It is advisable to book early for the concert as it has been sold out every year to date)

For further info. and booking contact:

Nual Keane, 32 Primrose Hill, Hazelhatch Road, Celbridge, Co Kildare

Derrygonnelly Traditional Music Festival

Derrygonnelly, Co. Fermanagh 11/12/13th October 2002

A weekend festival tribute to the music of music of flute-player Eddie Duffyand fiddle-player Mick Hoy.

The Festival includes workshops in various instruments, singing workshops, concerts Céilithe and street entertainment.

Some Musicians and Singers invited include:

Ben Lennon, Vincent Harrison, Néillidh Mulligan, Oisín McDiarmada,

Harry Bradley, Maití Jó Sheamais Ó Fatharta, Mick O Grady,

Micil Quinn, Rosie Stewart and many more.


Prices are reasonable and range from Stg3.00 - 5.00 for workshops and concerts.

For further info contact:

Liam Elliott: 028 6864 1306


9th Willliam Kennedy Piping Festival 

William Kennedy Piping Festival

The dates for this year’s William Kennedy Piping Festival are:

10th – 18th November 2002.

Brian Vallely has asked me to do a workshop on slow air playing which will be held on the Saturday. It will be interesting as I generally have not taught slow airs so it will be a first. Slow airs are not something that can be taught, but rather learnt. I am formulating my own ideas on this at present and some research will have to be done in the meantime also.

There will also be a concert of uilleann piping on the Sunday night.

Other pipers invited to date are the three McDonald brothers from Scotland, Allan. Iain and Angus, which will make it eventful occasion indeed.

When I get more information on events and performers I will let you know.

LUNASA will open the Festival at The Market Place Theatre on Sunday 10th - Concert starts at 8pm and will include support from Armagh Pipers Club .  tickets will be £10 & £8 Sterling bookable only through Armagh Pipers Club . The current LUNASA CD ' The Merry Sisters of Fate ' is  currently winning all the International awards with record sales in the USA , Australia and Japan to mention a few countries we have got figures from .

The other concert dates are - International festival of Piping Concert on Friday 15th November and The Uilleann Pipe Concert on Sunday 17th November . The Friday Concert will be in The Market Place and Sunday will be in the new Armagh City Hotel .

All the guests will be staying in the Hotel and all the sessions etc will be there. Bookings are being taken now at the Hotel for participants . Hotel capacity is 80 bedrooms plus . Hopefully we will be able to get a deal re prices . The Hostel of course is the main option for most and there are 60 plus beds there. 

For more information on this festival check out:




When Harry Became a Tree

In January 2001 Seán Garvey, the sean-nos singer from Cahirciveen, Co. Kerry, and myself were invited to Belgrade to work with the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and the Belgrade Choir on the music for a film called "When Harry Became a Tree" composed by Italian Stephano Arnaldi. It was a great week and a wonderful experience.

It was released in Ireland at the weekend and I went to see it in the Screen cinema in Dublin last night. I must say I enjoyed it very much as a film. Seán sings at the start and the finish in both Irish and English and my piping contribution features about five times during the film.

It is quite funny in spots and Colm Meaney plays the main character to great effect. It was shot mainly up in the Wicklow mountains and features Johnny Moynihan on fiddle in a couple of scenes. You can see Johnny (minus the beard!) and Seán playing together at:

As films go I feel a lot of people will enjoy it. The story is based on an old Chinese legend that a man is judged by the strength of his enemies! Treat yourself to an evening at the cinema and see what ye think. I would be interested to know what ye think of it. You can email me at:


Fishguard Folk Festival

31st May to 2nd June 2002


The Fishguard Folk Festival arrangements are in full swing.

Below is a draft of Neil Mulligan's performance times:

Friday: Evening concert in Theatre Gwaun

20 minutes performance - approx. 8.45pm

Saturday: Morning:

Workshop/demonstration (approx. 1 hour) 11am - 12pm.

Saturday: Afternoon:

Concert in The Park - 30 minute performance approx 2.30pm.

Saturday: Evening:

Club Tent (Royal Oak) 30 minute performance.

If you have any queries on the above or need to know/confirm any other

matter please mail:

Dai Crowther

Events & Artistes Committee

Fishguard Folk Festival


or phone him on 01348-873960.

Scoil Shamhradh Chris Langan


Piping Workshop


This year's Scoil Shamhradh Chris Langan (3rd) will have a piping

Workshop in the National School, Rush Co. Dublin on Saturday 13th July from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Tutor is Néillidh Mulligan and there is no charge for this workshop keeping in line with Chris Langan's attitude of not having ever charged for piping classes.

Classes will be followed by a session in one of the local pubs.

Further enquiries about other classes and events can be made by

phoning Mr Lenny Martin at:

087 6307324

Further information on Chris Langan(1915-1993) can be seen at:



Ceardlann Earraigh


Ceardlann Earraigh, Scoil na Mainistreach, Celbridge, Co Kildare on Saturday 23rd March 2002

The Following workshops will take place from 12.00 noon to 4.30 pm

Fiddle                Brendan McGlinchey,Kathleen Nesbitt 
Uilleann pipes   Néillidh Mulligan
Flute                  Mick Tiubridy, Marcus Ó Murchú
Tin Whistle        Méabh Ní Lochlainn
Concertina         Noel Hill
Accordian           Bobby Gardiner
Damhsa Sean-nós           Roisín Ní Mhainín
Sean-Nós/English song Antaine Ó Fearacháin
Bodhrán                           Junior Davey

Advance booking is essential due to limited classes. 

Classes cost:
Junior Euro14.00 including concert
Adult Euro20.00 including concert
Damsa/dancing Euro 6.00

Registration/grading for classes is from 11.15 a.m. - 12.00 noon
Classes 12.00 noon - 2.00 p.m. 2.30- 4.30 p.m.

Concert 8.00 p.m.
Straffan Court Hotel
, Maynooth, Co. Kildare
Admission Euro10.00
Featuring all the tutors
Plus Kilcummin Set Dancers from Kerry and Mícheál Rooney on Harp

Forther info./booking:
Nuala Keane Tel. (01)6273274
Tom Dillon (045) 868370


Joe Mooney Summer School (20th - 27th July 2002)

Following many requests for a reedmaking class at last year's Joe Monney Summer School I have arranged with the organisers to hold a reedmaking workshop on Tuesday afternoon at 3.00 p.m. in the Technical College in Drumshanbo. Keith Powell, the pipe and reedmaker from Wales, will also be in attendance to lend his experience to the class and Na Píobairí Uilleann has kindly offered to supply reedmaking equipment for the occasion.

Unfortunately Kevin Rowsome cannot make it this year to teach pipes so Brian MacNamara and myself will be taking the classes and we also have a teacher in reserve if needed.

Doran Piping Tionól - February 2002


John Rooney with Felix Doran Silver Plated Pipes at the Doran Piping Tionól 2000


The Johnny and Felix Doran Piping weekend will take place in the Glendalough Hotel, Glendalough, Co Wicklow on the weekend of 22-24th February 2002. This years Tionól is a special weekend tribute to Felix Doran who died 30 years ago in 1972. It is hoped that Felix's son Mickie, himself a great piper, will be over for the occasion. Michie is of course the man that taught piper John Rooney who is an annual visitor to the event"For more info. click on Felix Doran.")

It is a highly recommended weekend and further info. re. events/accommodation can be had from: Frances Murray 0402-34863

Here's to another great piping occasion!



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